‘Game of Thrones’ Theories and thoughts

‘Games of Thrones’ has been nothing short of a phenomenon, a television show that feels like a cinematic experience and an incredible mix of fantasy and gritty realism.  Where else can we see Dragons, magic and zombies one minute,  graphic sex, penis chopping and wedding massacres the next?  More than just a great watch, the show also has a rich and dense mythology that causes many discussions, lots of searching for hidden meanings and no end of fan theories…including some of my own.

Now I must mention in advance that I have never read the books, so any avid readers will probably be able to poke more than a few holes in anything I put forward.  Also I have no doubt that there will be little I put forward that comes true, but it really is fun to speculate isn’t it?



As we reach the end of the season Jon Snow will meet up with the Brotherhood without Banners north of the Wall.  Amongst the group is the Hound who, during and ambush by the dead, will be killed only to be resurrected by Beric Dondarrion and Thoros of Myr.  Reborn, the Hound will be told by Thoros that he is the Prince that was Promised and this is the reason Beric was constantly brought back from the dead, to one day meet up with and save the Hound.  Grabbing Beric’s flaming sword, he will take up arms against the dead and lead the united armies against the White Walkers.

Meanwhile, as the battle rages, Bran will discover that the Night King was a Stark and that, along with the reveal that Jon is both a Targaryen and Stark but also not totally human either (after being resurrected himself), will lead to Jon facing the King in single combat. He will win but will be gravely wounded.  Taken back to Dragonstone (or wherever the heroes are based) by the hound and the rest of the survivors of the war,  Melisandre will try to revive him but he will tell her that his role is finished and now he want to see his family.


Bran has been a source of frustration for the past few seasons, between being responsible for the fate of poor, tragic Hodor and his role as the exposition machine for the writers, but I feel that he has a huge role to play.   During the battle between the White Walkers and the living, one of the Dragons (who Cersei killed during the raid on Kings Landing by Dany) will be resurrected by the Night King and used to fight against the other two.  Drogon, who Dany rides, will begin to aid the army against the dead leaving Viserion to face the reanimated Rhaegal.  This is where Bran will actually come to the fore.  He will warg into Viserion and defeat the resurrected Rhaegal, hence the phrase told to him by the Three-eyed Raven, ‘You will not walk…you will fly’.

Jamie will be captured during the campaign against his sister, as such he will be with Bran and the other survivors when the war against the dead starts.  Jamie will admit to Bran he pushed him out the window, Bran will warg into Jamie to see if it is true and ends up in his past memories as a Kingsguard.  This will lead him to also affect the mad king, as in the present the dead attack the survivors and screams of ‘Burn them! Burn them all!’ are heard.  This leads the Mad King to hear them and, because Brans warging is out of control, drives him to believe he is hearing voices, thus leading to Jamie killing him during Roberts Rebellion.

As Dany and her forces begin to take Kings Landing, Euron betrays Cersei and kills her to try and appease Dany.  Not impressed she will order him killed and he will try to escape only for Theon to confront him.  They will battle and Theon will win, gaining the respect of his sister Yara and leading the fleet to aid against the Night King.  Jorah will die fighting the mountain, who will then also be killed by Ayra (who has travelled to the South to kill the Queen).  Speaking of Ayra, she will re unite with the Hound and as Melisandre tries to tell him about the prophesy of the Prince that was Promised, Ayra will kill her.

Those are just a few of the things I think will happen on the show.  No doubt here are plenty of characters I have missed and plots and prophesies I have failed to answer, and no doubt I am wrong about most of these but as I said at the start, it’s fun to speculate.

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