St Mirren Journal 2

Placement Report

St Mirren Match day

I was given the opportunity to help with the St Mirren vs Hibernian game as the university and St Mirren have a good relationship.  I was under the impression that I would be either conducting interviews or doing commentary for the game so I was very excited.

When I arrived, I was in a room with James and other student sent along to help.  They all knew each other and seemed to have a good relationship.  I stood for several minutes without any introduction or acknowledgement so I initiated it.  I must say I always feel in a situation like this it’s strange that however is organizing doesn’t take the lead and put everyone at ease.  I also found it strange that a team of potential journalists are too shy to introduce themselves.  Maybe it’s a lack of presence or maybe I’m just used to being a talker but I was a bit thrown at, what I feel, was a bit of a cold welcome to the team.

Unfortunately, the experience didn’t get much better.  I was sent to work with the production guys on camera, which wasn’t what I thought I was there for.  I raised my concerns to James who said ‘everyone had to muck in’.  I do understand that and get that no one is special and everyone has to work as a team, however if I you came to my work thinking you were to deal with the public and I told you that you were taking out the bins, you’d be disappointed too.

Despite not being overly happy at being put at the back end of the stadium operating a camera instead of getting journalism experience I decided I didn’t want to seem like a diva so thought I’d make the most of it.

There isn’t much else to say, I filmed some things during the game and then got my things and left.  James had asked how I got on and I said I wasn’t expecting to be doing that but nonetheless I thanked him for the opportunity.

Tonight was more about learning how to act as a professional.  Despite not being happy with the situation I acted as professional as possible and stuck to the task.  I’m sure things like are bound to happen so I suppose it’s important to know how to conduct yourself when it does.

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