St Mirren Journal 1

Placement Report

St Mirren Visit One (Two Days)

Day One

I have always loved football and really want to purse some form of career around sports.  The university has a link to St Mirren so this was an ideal opportunity.  I spoke to Elizabeth and she put me in touch with James Hunter who asked if I could do a television feature on the new stand that was installed which was designed specifically for wheelchair users.  I jumped at the chance as this would be not only be an opportunity to develop my skills but also hopefully make a good impression at the club.

I was to go along and I’d meet another reporter who was a wheelchair user called Sanjeev. The plan was to interview the chief executive as well as Sanjeev himself and get lots of footage of the platform and the stadium for cut-aways etc.

However, after a while waiting I was told that we would have to re-schedule for another day as the other reporter couldn’t make it along.  I was given a walk around the stadium and spoke with staff but ultimately couldn’t do any more.

Day Two

This was the second attempt to get the package done and this time everyone arrived and we could carry on.  As the day began and I met everyone I was a bit concerned.  I maybe had it in my head that things should be done a certain way but it seemed a very lax atmosphere.  When I met James and Sanjeev I was the one who started introductions etc.  I asked the question about the plan, what content etc.  I was told that it was up to me to decide, if the platform was the focus.

I’m not sure if I was happy about that or put off but I went ahead anyway.  Sanjeev had nothing prepared so I took control and set up the camera for the first interview with Mr. Fitzpatrick.  It went really well and he seemed to like how he came across and said I was very good at asking questions, that he almost forgot there was a camera there.  That was great to here.

Next was interviewing Sanjeev, which again went well.  I then got lots of shots of him looking around the stadium etc. before we headed to the editing room.

During the edit I again had to take charge and try and get the package edited and sent down to James.  I only had about an hour or so to get it done which was hugely pressured but I managed to get it all finished in time.

The biggest lessons learned were that when out in a situation that puts the onus on you it’s important to stay focused and embrace the challenge.  I’ve learned to take control and not be phased by changes around me.  I’ve developed my editing and interviewing skills.  It was difficult to get everything done in time but I forced myself to do it, furthering my confidence in my ability to work to tight deadlines.

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