Clyde1 Journal 4

Placement Report

Clyde1 Day Four

So far my feelings have been mixed, but I was determined to try and maximise my time at the station.  Heading in today I was making sure my energy levels were high and that I’d do whatever was needed and try and learn from it whatever I could.

When I walked in everyone was busy as usual but this time I decided to just pick a story and start writing copy for it, looking at twitter and PA to see if I could find something that could work as a story.

No one seemed to bat an eye lid so o just kept on.  I wrote a story about the SPFL fixture list which I liked since I’m a big football fan.  I came to realise I’m much better at bulletin writing for sport actually, maybe I’m more passionate about that or maybe I’m more knowledgeable but either way my day started well.

Things picked up around lunchtime though as I was asked to go and cover a press conference for Ricky Burns big fight on Saturday.  I used to train a lot at boxing before injury and my brother is very good so I was very excited at this opportunity.  I had to get a taxi along, which Clyde paid for, as I don’t drive but got there in plenty of time.

I was told to meet a guy called Andy from the press association that would talk me through the procedures.  The conference was running late but when it started I really began to feel like this was what I wanted to do.  I’ve questioned all week if I was good enough or if I even wanted it enough but this was the first time I really felt like this was not only what I wanted but what I was good at.

After the main presser I interviewed the fighters one on one, although that was like a fight itself as I had to push past the other journalists, and by the time they’d come to me they were clearly getting fed up being asked the same things over and over.  I am proud to say I managed to crack a joke about it and put them at ease, particularly Ricky, and got some very good soundbites.

When I got back the sports editor asked me to cut he interviews up and sort them for the next days bulletins.  I was complimented on my work and thanked for my support in the story.

Today was by far my favourite day where I really learned about myself and where my talents are.  I’m hoping that I can look more into this line of work and I think this could be my future, I left feeling confident, not that I necessarily want to work in a radio station.  I still have reservations about being stuck behind a desk doing bulletins all day, I think I would much prefer being out amongst people, interacting and getting good interviews and reactions.

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