Clyde1 Journal 3

Placement Report

Clyde1 Day Three

After the more positive day I had yesterday I was feeling much more positive.  I had been thinking that I was on the right track and walked into the newsroom feeling like I belonged in that environment.

When I arrived, I was handed a mic and asked to go and get vox pops, basically mini interviews with the public that I added to copy later.  The story was on alcohol consumption and I figured people would have fun talking about it.

There was some history with me and doing these as the only other experience I had doing it was at university where it all went wrong.  Some of the guys in the team also joked that new people get the rubbish jobs like ‘vox popping’, so I wasn’t overly excited about doing them.

When I walked around the town centre I was rebuffed a few times but because I was working at clyde and had the badge and stuff it wasn’t done in a rude way.  I had been told to get around six different people on record and be back in around an hour or so.  I decided that it was now or never, if I didn’t get over the hesitation and get what was needed that was that.  I started asking everyone who stopped near me.  I grew in confidence after the first few and then by the end had some great clips and felt better about heading back.

The next big job was to shadow a reporter called Natalie and help her film and edit a package for the stations twitter page.  I really enjoy package making and specifically video packages so this felt more like my area.  Natalie was very open to my ideas as well.  The interviews and filming went well and we got back to the office in plenty of time.

Natalie wanted to edit alone, which I understand, so I waited for the next job I could do.  Then I waited a bit longer.  Eventually I got some copy to do which involved basically re writing press releases.  I concluded I do not enjoy bulletin writing at all.

I didn’t think I was so put off by it, and possibly if I was reading it or re-editing it then I may not feel as bad, but I have not enjoyed any bulleting assignments so far.  Perhaps its because the others are far better or because, after doing some online stuff, I feel better doing that.

All in all I have had a day I haven’t especially enjoyed, a day I loved and today was fifty fifty for me.  Lets see what tomorrow brings…

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