Clyde1 Journal 2

Placement Report

Clyde1 Day two

Heading to the station today I was feeling apprehensive. A part of me thought that I may end up a burden again and really what am I learning? Surely, I can find a more productive use for my time, especially when I am under pressure to get assessment things all in for university.

I will admit it was preying on my mind that maybe this wasn’t for me.  I realize this is a silly way to think but honestly, I tend to overthink and can sometime be quite reactionary.  Then I thought to myself, if this really isn’t for you then you have nothing to lose.  So, I decided to relax and just make the most of my day.

As I walked into the station’s newsroom, I have a fob now and a keycode so I am feeling like I work there, I just smiled and said good morning and immediately logged in and asked what was needed from me.

The news reporters seemed stressed so I started to think this may not be a great time to be asking if they needed help but Rob, perhaps realizing that he wasn’t especially helpful yesterday, joked that he thought I’d been scared off by them.  I assured him not and he said he was very glad and handed me an assignment; re work a press release for the website that would be put on by me later.  I was suddenly more enthused and got stuck in.

After it was written he showed me how to put it online and then immediately gave me an interview to cut up and separate that they would use as sound bites during later bulletins.

This felt more like it and I set about it right away.  My time started to fly in and I got the chance to interact more with the team and be more like myself.

Afterward he then asked me to keep going and put copy and clips together for the bulletins at twelve and one.  Then before I knew it the afternoon team arrived.  Kayleigh took over again and I must say I feel that she really went out of her way to involve me in stories.

I again got an online article to write and then we spoke about my interview yesterday.  She said that everyone was very impressed and asked me to write a full article on it and include the interview, with my voice included, into the website.  She also made sure I got mentioned as the reporter by name.

It’s a simple thing but I really felt like I achieved something today, like I have left with something tangible and worthwhile.  We spoke about what I wanted to gain from the week and she assured me that that would happen.

To sum up I left feeling much better about things, as I alluded to earlier I have a weakness where I deal in absolutes so I’m trying not to get head of myself, but I feel like they people around me are more helpful and think that I’m someone that they can use as opposed to the nuisance I was yesterday.

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