Clyde1 Journal 1

Placement Report

Clyde1 Day 1

I arrived at clyde1 studio at around 9:30 where I was told to wait at reception to meet news reporter Rob Waller.  We began my first day of placement going over the basic health and safety procedures and forms before continuing with a tour of the building and then getting logged in at a desk.  The news reporters in the office were all busy and rushing to meet the 10:00 bulletin deadline.

I was feeling out of my depth, while I had my training on bulletin writing at university on Burli the system Clyde use is quite different.  I also got the impression that the guys in the studio and newsroom could probably do without me buzzing around.

I wanted to come across as prepared, ready for work, enthusiastic and professional.  I did not want to cross that line to being annoying.

For the first hour or so I observed how the newsroom worked and sat in while one of the bulletins were being read live.  I was not enjoying it especially.  I felt that I had more to offer and was being considered more of a liability than a helpful presence.  I suppose a degree of ego was kicking in as I felt like the new boy in class that was moving on at the end of the week.

Things were picking up as I approached the afternoon, Rob was clearly getting flustered by my pestering and decided to get me to arrange an interview with a man named Donald Blair who was unveiling a tribute to his uncle who had been a war hero.

I managed to get that arranged and was waiting on a call to tell me when was best to contact him that day.

In the meantime, Rob had begun to show me how to use the system to put articles online.  I wasn’t allowed to go on myself but at least I was doing something.

As the shifts changed I started to get pieces of copy to write.  Press releases that the guys wanted re worded but they really were not of any major importance.  I think I understand why as they don’t know me from Adam, have no gauge of my ability and generally are very busy.

The call came in and I was sent out on the interview.  I don’t drive so I had to make my way, via two trains, to meet and interview this gentleman called Donald.  After much commotion, I made it to his house and had, what I felt, was a very successful interview that contained great soundbites.  Mr. Blair complemented me on my professionalism and I made my way back.

When I handed the interview back in Kayleigh, who had taken over from Rob, was very apologetic about sending me so far away without knowing I didn’t drive.  I turned it into a joke and the others in the newsroom joined in, I think this helped break the ice.

All in all, I ended up leaving feeling mixed emotions, I had got along well with everyone and tried my best but felt that maybe I was out of place a bit.  I tend to overthink things so ill reserve judgment.  If I could pick one major thing I learned it would be that I dealt with feeling useless by constantly trying to make the most of it, making sure that even if I could contribute a little it may leave a better impression than someone who sat quietly and wasn’t remembered.

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