Clyde1 Journal 5

Placement Report

Clyde1 Day Five

So the week has come to an end.  My first experience in a real radio newsroom, one of the biggest in Scotland, and I have certainly left with a lot of positives.  I have now a better idea of where I want to be and what I can offer to an employer.

To start off today I was asked to go and conduct a series interviews at a local soft play area.  The story was about kids using smartphones and tablets too much, I was to see if the parents let their kids use them and if so would they stop if it was found to be causing harm.

I must say it went well, the parents for the most part where a bit nervous but I managed to calm them down, they were more relaxed and I ended up getting some very good interviews out of it.  When I got back I had to cut up the interviews and put them into collections of ‘vox pops’ and add in copy for the next three bulletins.

This took up a fair bit of my time and again I could put the copy in without the editor having to change too much.  Most of the rest of the afternoon was spent putting articles online and helping edit some other raw interviews that would be used over then weekend.

At the end of the day I recorded a demo bulletin.  This is where I let myself down.  I didn’t really rehearse or warm up as I thought the bulletin was for my ears only.  I was wrong.  As I was leaving Lorraine Herbison wanted to talk to me.  I knew as she listened she wasn’t overly impressed but I managed to stop her and say I could hear where it wasn’t great and could tell her exactly what I needed to work on.  She seemed to be happy that I could recognise what needed improvement on and encouraged me to keep practicing and she was sure I’d be in a good position.  She was complementary about my voice in general and said I had a good tone and good warmth so there were positives to take.

Apart from the bulletin issue the rest of the meeting went well.  She had said that the rest of the team and editors had spoken very highly of me throughout the week, that I was good around the office and she liked my enthusiasm and attitude.  She asked what I wanted and where I saw myself and she seemed very pleased with my answers.  She encouraged me to keep in touch and let her know when I had my drivers license which I took as a massive confidence boost.

The biggest lessons I learned this week is that It is important to know your strengths but also to understand that weaknesses are a part of you too and not to let them bring you down.  I now have a much clearer idea of where I am, where I want to be and how to get there.  It’s fair to say this week has been exactly wat I needed.

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